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Cabrinha Code Wing Board

Cabrinha Code Wing Board

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Like a fine wine, things get better with time, and the evolution of the Code board is a prime example.

As foils and wings develop, the Code has also been refined to suit the nuances that this incredible sport provides.

With increased volume flow across the range, the introduction of the recessed deck and the buoyancy distribution, this all provides the perfect blend between stability and launch.  The all new smooth line base profile and pulled in tail kick also aid in efficiency to help you get up to speed quickly, while also helping recover from splash downs.

The Code remains the most versatile board in the Cabrinha range, offering an incredible platform no matter what level of rider.


Foil specific board with focus on maneuverability and easy launch.


  • NEW:  Volume distribution - improved balance on takeoff
  • NEW:  Improved length/width ratio for improved stability
  • NEW:  Pulled in kick tail with simplified rail flow for efficiency, earlier flight and on-foil carving clearance
  • NEW:  Double concave for forgiving touchdown and stability
  • NEW:  Efficient outline and rail flow/chime, for improved efficiency and release
  • Refined rocker for a more balanced power transfer
  • NEW:  Recessed concave deck for more positive feedback
  • Short compact design
  • EPS core, light weight and buoyant
  • Angle adjustable 2 or 3 strap insert configuration
  • Full custom high-grip EVA deck pad
  • PVC reinforced deck
  • Double PVC/glass stringers
  • Carbon hybrid construction - reactive, lightweight
  • Reusable Flexi-Hex packaging

    Includes: 4pcs m8x30mm mounting bolts, NEW: 2pcs Lockable t-nut assembly(NOTE: straps sold separately)


    Code Capabilities








    "The Code is the board I use for lighter wind freestyle, Its super compacted shape offer a lot of volume with a very short length, this allows me to take off pretty small foil even on light wind days." - Titouan

    SIZES: 4'8" X 23" X 4" X 60L / 4'11" X 24" X 4.4" X 72L / 5'2" X 24.5" X 4.6" X 86L / 5'5" X 26.7" X 4.9" X 100L / 5'8" X 28" X 5" X 114L / 5'11" X 29" X 5.3" X 130L/6'2" X 30.5" X 6" X 160L

    Size 4'8 4'11 5'2 5'5 5'8 5'11 6'2

    Weight of Board (kg)

    (Tolerances may vary)

    5.1 5.5 6 6.5 7.3 7.9 8.7

    Code Tech


    The forces found in Wingfoiling are like no other board sport. Standard constructions simply don't cut it, and as such we have developed a specific wingfoil construction. With a lightweight EPS core the board utilizes a durable composite construction with Bamboo and a uni-directional carbon stringer to withstand these forces.


    The all new concave deck lowers the foot position to increase reactivity and response. This translates into a more direct feeling through the board, and the most efficient power transfer to date.


    Made from Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA, the full deck traction pad has been designed purely with foiling in mind. Low Profile corduroy grooving provides the perfect blend of comfort and traction and the cutouts have been placed in the locations where extra grip is needed.

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