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Epic Gear

Epic Gear Standard Board Bag

Epic Gear Standard Board Bag

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Nothing stinks more than a super expensive board getting a harsh nick, scratch or scrape just from being moved around in storage, or when you’re bringing it in from the beach! Your boards’ scars should come from your gnarly twists and turns and maneuvers – not an excited pooch’s nails or from being knocked over in your garage. Keep your board ding-free with the Epic Gear Standard Board Bag! This flat bag has plenty of room to accomodate your board! Padded neprene protects all edges of your board, and a central side carry handle helps you manuever your board wherever you need to go. 

  • All bags include carry strap on side
  • Reflective side to repel heat being trapped in your board
  • Reinforced nose & tail
  • Colors may vary from red or blue
  • Fin slot zipper to load your board without taking off your fin
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Brand Epic Gear
Year 2003
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