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Kona WindSUP Sail 5.8m Blue

Kona WindSUP Sail 5.8m Blue

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Kona windsup rig is all about making it easy, from rigging to sailing and transporting. The windsup rig has been developed specifically for anyone that wants to enjoy easy comfortable windsurfing in light conditions. Folded the rig package fits into the trunk of the car or in a golf bag. Thanks to the fact that the sail is fully battened it has a very good aerodynamic shape. The big innovation is that the battens are removable enabling the sail to be folded into a small package. The sail is made in dacron which is very durable and well suited for windsupping. It comes in two sizes, 4.8 sqm and 5.8 sqm, the smaller best suited for light sailors and the bigger for heavier or more experienced sailors. Despite being an innovation it is still very affordable and price competitive. Kona windsup rigs make the step into windsurfing easy.

The bag fits a complete package of an iSUP board and the windsup rig.

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