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Downhaul Assist Tool

Downhaul Assist Tool

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A fast & simple way to downhaul your sail.

  • Easy to set up, position, and reposition.
  • No teeth to chew up downhaul line.
  • Rust & corrosion proof.


  1. Hold as shown in directions with hooks seperated
  2. Wrap downhaul line 1 1/2 times around hooks in the same direction to attach. Hitch should be positioned at bend in hooks.
  3. Pull free end toward cleat to position.
  4. Leave free end hanging loose. DO NOT wrap around handle.
  5. Downhaul with one hand on either side of the hooks. If slippage occurs (and hitch is correct) use 2 1/2 wraps.
  6. Cleat off line.
  7. If additional downhaul is needed, repeat steps 3-6.
  8. To remove tool, slide line off end of hooks.
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Brand Epic Gear
Year 2018
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