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2019 Cabrinha Spark Trainer Kite System

2019 Cabrinha Spark Trainer Kite System

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2019 Cabrinha Spark Trainer Entry Level Teaching Kite

The 2019 Spark trainer kite is designed for anyone interested in learning the basics of kite flying and handling. Also a fun and entertaining way to spend time between on-water kite sessions.

The Spark is a simple no frills kite design that teaches a first time flyer how to use a kite. The ram air design needs no inflation and sets up in minutes. It’s two line control system provides a stable and direct method of kite control. Everything you need is included in this compact and simple to use kite package.

Product Code: K9KOSPARK

2019 Spark Trainer Kite Design Profile:

  • Two line ram air design

2019 Spark Trainer Kite Features:

  • NEW design for 2019
  • NEW Spark Control System / Bar tech
  • NEW Dyneema leaders for safety and comfort
  • Safety wrist leash
  • Ram air design - no inflation needed
  • Ultra durable. Heavy duty nylon canopy material.
  • Simplified 2-line bridle
  • Reinforced cell structure
  • Mesh covered air vents for profile stability and durability
  • Stable, forgiving flight characteristics
  • Alloy control bar with molded end fittings
  • Line winders and color coded EVA grip
  • Improved low drag control line for better light wind performance
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