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2019 Exocet RF Foil Carbon

2019 Exocet RF Foil Carbon

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Dedicated for foiling in racing or recreational conditions. The RF 81 is available in 2 constructions, carbon and AST. The RF 91 and 81 have specific deck and bottom shapes to make foiling easier, Round tucked rail running deep to the bottom shape, the nose shape is built into a slight “round VEE” to help the landing and touch down without loosing speed. The flat deck shape is designed to have the feet in full contact while the board is railing. Volume distribution is designed to help foiling with feet in the footstraps.

  • Construction: carbon and AST

Contruction details:

  • CNC custom for the RF 91
  • Molded semi-custom for the RF 81
  • Custom finish
  • Molded AST one shot for RF 81
  • CARBON Version: Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 80 kg/m3
  • PVC deck and bottom, multiple structural reinforcement on the rail
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction with ASA skin on deck and bottom

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