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2019 Exocet SALT

2019 Exocet SALT

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The SALT series is a new generation of wave boards, combining speed and control with amazing planing ability. The extra length of the shape combined with a fairly narrow width and a straight outline in the middle section will allow for long bottom turns at full speed with perfect control and stability. These boards are stellar on the cutbacks as well. The SALT will turn extremely sharp and pivot instantly due to the square tail and pivot point on the back foot. The board has no need for side fins and therefore no extra drag to get on a plane. The Salt series also has great pointing and jumping abilities. Available in 3 sizes, this new board range will come in one unique PRO AM construction shaped using a CNC process.

  • Ideal in side to side on shore conditions
  • Versatile boards from bump and jump to real world sailing
  • Single fin
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • 3 footstraps
  • Custom construction
  • CNC shape EPS
  • Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 100 kg/m3 PVC deck and bottom

VOLUME 73 litres 85 litres 104 litres
LENGTH 232 cm 245 cm 259 cm
WIDTH 53 cm 56 cm 59 cm
WEIGHT 5.9 kg (+/-6%) 6.4 kg (+/-6%) 7.2 kg (+/-6%)
FIN Exocet 20.5 cm US box G10 Exocet 21.5 cm US box G10 Exocet 23 cm US box G10
SAIL 3.3 – 5.0 m2 4.0 – 5.7 m2 4.5 – 6.2 m2
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