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2020 Cabrinha CBL Twintip Kiteboard

2020 Cabrinha CBL Twintip Kiteboard

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2020 Cabrinha CBL Wakestyle / Cable Kiteboard

The CBL is designed to satisfy the incredibly technical needs of progressive kite and wakeboarders. With its quad concave bottom shape and its durable grind base material, the CBL gets the job done with style. The CBL has a generous rocker line, stiff flex, and unidirectional basalt to allow it to perform equally well on flat water and on sliders.

Sizes: 139 x 42, 142 x 43

Product Code: K0TTCBLWK


Bottom shape and construction suited for wakestyle and cable. Also excellent for choppy water.

Rider Profile:

Progressive riders dedicated to the crossover riding of cable and wake style.

CBL Capabilities:

Big Air

2020 Cabrinha CBL Features:

  • Fluid power transfer from any source
  • Excellent wakestyle performance
  • P-Tex grind base bottom sheet
  • Engineered reinforcements and strategic use of carbon for directed flex control
  • Tip channels for finless tracking & smooth release
  • Flat center for hitting any type of obstacle
  • High rocker for cable and wakestyle
  • Rail and tip channels provides grip

Included with the board:

  • 4x 20mm fins, 4x washers, 10x 6x16mm screws

2020 Cabrinha Twintip Boards Video Overview:

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