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2020 Cabrinha Contra Performance Lightwind / Freeride Kite

2020 Cabrinha Contra Performance Lightwind / Freeride Kite

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2020 17M Cabrinha Contra Performance Lightwind / Freeride Kite

The kite is brand new from old stock, no defects. Available only in 17-meter size. Please see newer years for other sizes.

The 2020 Cabrinha Contra is a very responsive light wind kite that is the perfect combination of ultimate efficiency and excellent performance. This freeride kite will enable you to harness the lightwind, a marginal condition for years considered the worst difficulty in kiteboarding until Cabrinha introduced this kite to the market. Regardless of your riding style and discipline you now have a kite to bridge your riding into the light wind arena.

Thanks to the 3-strut light weight hybrid design, the 2020 Cabrinha Contra performs incredible things in what used to be known as the unrideable realm. A true light wind performer in any and all riding categories.

Product Code: K0KOCONTR

Sizes (m): 13, 15, 17, 19

Contra Range of Uses:

Big Air


Turning Speed
Hang Time
Low-End Power
Upwind Ability

Design Profile

3 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wing tips, draft forward profile

Rider Profile

Perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind arena with a responsive, lightwind kite.

2020 Cabrinha Contra Kite Features:

  • NEW Nano Ripstop canopy, the new bench mark in durability, stability & responsiveness
  • NEW Optimized Dacron layout for reduced weight & improved handling charecteristics
  • NEW Agile and faster steering for increased power delivery
  • NEW Refined low end performance for better upwind ability
  • NEW Lighter bar pressure for effortless big kite control
  • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • Strategic canopy reinforcements in the high stress areas
  • High Tenacity Dacron for enhanced arc stability
  • Excellent performance across all riding styles
  • Effortless relaunch in the lightest of wind conditions

2020 Contra Options & Sizes:



The 2020 Cabrinha collection brings us another set of modernized Contra kites available in a few color variations and 13, 15, 17, 19-meter size options. Use our wind range / kite size reference chart to select the right kite for your conditions.


Wind Range:

2020 Cabrinha Contra Kite Wind Range Chart
Kite Size Wind, Knots
13m 8-18
15m 7-15
17m 5-13
19m 4-12

Cabrinha Contra Tech

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