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2021 Exocet Free Foil AST

2021 Exocet Free Foil AST

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The 2020 Exocet Free Foil is the new word in dedicated freeride and freemove foil boards. They represent all the spirit of windsurfing, free of constraints. They fly easily with light equipement and easily link maneuvers togther no matter the conditions. The Freefoils have a dedicated shape oriented for friendly and quick access to foiling, amazing flight comfort, and great maneuverability. The outline shape features slightly more curve than the RF line allowing the sailor more control of the board in freeride mode. This board is adapted to freeriding for all body weights and foil sails. The narrower outline on the back footstrap will allow perfect control at low speed or in windy conditions.


  • 4 footstraps with multiple positions
  • Molded semi-custom
  • Custom finish
  • CARBON Version: Carbon Biaxial 160gr construction on 80 kg/m3
  • PVC deck and bottom, multiple structural reinforcements on the rail
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction covered with ASA skin on deck and bottom


Model Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight (kg) Fin Sail Size
Freefoil 99 AST 189 x 71 99 TBA No Fin 4.0-7.0
FreeFoil 112 AST 210 x 76 112 8.9 No Fin 4.0-7.0
FreeFoil 132 AST 210 x 86 132 9.7 No Fin 4.0-7.0
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