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2021 Exocet Nano Twinser

2021 Exocet Nano Twinser

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The 2020 NANO line is based on Exocet's previous best board shapes, built with strong AST technology. These boards offer performance + price for any sailor or center. New for 2020 are Twinser variants in the 125, 135, and 155 models. Perfect for shallower waters without compromising performance. The smaller fins allow riders to start closer to the beach making this a perfect board for centers or people learning to beach start. The Nano is a very accessible, stable, and efficient board for learning at any level of windsurfing, from beginners to experienced riders.


  • Ideal in flat water freeride conditions
  • Attractive price
  • Early planing abilities
  • Suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced
  • Equipped with molded fin (Nano 125, 135, 155)
  • 4 footstraps with multiple position
  • Molded AST One shot construction
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction covered with ASA skin on deck and bottom


Model Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight (kg) Fin Sail Size
Nano Twinser 125 250 x 67 125 8.7 2x 28cm Power box 4.5 - 8.0
Nano Twinser 135 250 x 78 135 9.7 2x 32cm Power box 5-9
Nano Twinser 155 255 x 77 155 10.2 2x 36cm Power box 5-9
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