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Progressive Fly Foil Carbon Tuttle

Progressive Fly Foil Carbon Tuttle

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The 2020 Progressive Fly Foil is a full-carbon dedicated windsurf foil designed for high performance. The original wing design offers excellent speed and control with minimal flex, and the adjustable rear wing gives this foil a very broad wind range. A moderate aspect ratio along with a 90cm aluminum mast allow the foil to work in rougher conditions. This windsurfing foil uses a deep tuttle box for the most secure attachment to the board.

  • Front wing area: 124 sq in / 800 sq cm
  • Aspect ratio: Moderate
  • Front wing width: 75cm
  • Rear wing: 125 cm square
  • Mast: 90 cm
  • Fuselage: 100 cm
  • Construction: 100% carbon
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