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2022 Progressive Riser Foil Board BLEM

2022 Progressive Riser Foil Board BLEM

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The Riser 4’ kite foilboard was designed for all around Kite foiling. Beginners to seasoned foilers will find the Riser 4’ to be the perfect sized board. The Riser 4’ has just enough volume while on the water and the perfect size once off the water. A double concave V nose helps deflect touchdowns and softens the landing. The turned up bottom rail increases through the tail and helps release the board from the water. This gives the nose a wider surface area to plane quicker and the tail a reduced surface to release from the water quicker.

  • Length: 4’
  • Width: 18.5”
  • Thickness: 2.9”
  • Volume: 29L

The Progressive Riser 4’ kite foilboard is designed for the recreational foiler in mind. Turned up bottom rails, vee-shape in the nose and a tail design to help release from the water offers a forgiving board for any level of foiler. At 29 liters and 4’ x 18.5” there is plenty of board to get started in light winds but not too much once up and foiling.

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