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2022 XO Sails Fly Freeride Foil Sail

2022 XO Sails Fly Freeride Foil Sail

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The FLY is a dedicated foil sail for the recreational market! All sizes have twin cams, and a narrow sleeve. The cambers keep the sail inflated, even in lightwind or heading deep down wind. The 7.5 and 6.5 sizes are designed to work on a standard mast, but can be shimmed to work on a RDM mast. The 5.5 and 4.5 sizes are designed specifically for use with RDM masts. Its lightness and flexibility in pumping make it extremely quick to take off. A tapered drop and marked dip make it ultra stable in flight, for the best in first-rate performance. Very versatile, it is also very efficient in Freeride-Freerace use on a classic board with an Aileron Daggerboard. A 100% carbon mast is recommended to optimize control.

  • Dedicated foil sail
  • Convertible to freeride slalom
  • Tight leach in the head to optimize foiling time in light wind
  • Added shape in the head will allow proper downhaul tension without sail twisting in the head
  • Powerful & stable
  • Adaptive shape for foiling
  • Kevlar mast panel locks in shape
  • Outhaul strap tensioner
  • PVC Head protector
  • PVC batten end protector
  • PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
  • Velcro on mast protector for easy access
  • Triple stainless steel downhaul
  • Thermoformed mast protector
  • Monofilm sail
  • Kevlar reinforced mast panel
Sail Luff Boom Battens Cams Mast
4.5 TBA TBA 5 2 TBA
5.5 430 168 5 2 100/21
6.5 470 185 5 2 460/25
7.5 493 202 5 2 460/25 or 490/29
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Brand XO Sails
Suggested Mast None
Year 2023
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