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2022 XO Sails Shark Freeride Sail

2022 XO Sails Shark Freeride Sail

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The Shark is the Wave Onshore - Freewave sail of the XO Sails range. Originally a pure wave sail, its qualities in terms of stability, held in the wind, and speed, allow it to overflow a Bump and Jump/Freeride use in strong winds. Ultra versatile, it is suitable for all types of riders, especially those who sail in various spots and do not want to change the sail permanently. More compact, the new version gains stability and maneuverability, without compromising anything about its other qualities. The new grid material (Pentex) used at the head of the sail is supple, and allows a weight gain of 15 to 20%, without a loss of strength. The Shark is a sail with a pronounced profile that makes it extremely stable in jumping and surfing. Powerful with a 100% RDM mast, it becomes docile with an 80% mast while maintaining famous profile stability.

  • Powerful wavesail, ideal on all wave and freewave boards
  • Highly resistant for intensive use
  • Moderate to strong power
  • 5 battens
  • Very easy and tolerant in muscular conditions
  • Low luff sail, requiring little tension at tack
  • Kevlar mast panel locks in shape
  • Strap tensioner on the outhaul
  • PVC head protector
  • PVC batten end protector
  • PVC anti-rubbing strip on lower batten pocket
  • Velcro on mast protector for easy access
  • Triple stainless steel downhaul
  • Thermoformed mast protector
  • Full grid construction
  • Kevlar reinforced mast panel
Sail Luff Boom Battens Cams Mast Head
4.2 372 153 5 - RX 80/370 Vario
4.5 382 162 5 - RX 80/370 Fixed
4.7 392 164 5 - RX 80/370 Fixed
5.0 405 169 5 - RX 80/400 Fixed
5.3 416 176 5 - RX 80/400 Fixed
5.7 426 181 5 - RX 100/400 Fixed
6.2 453 188 5 - RX 00/430 Fixed
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Brand XO Sails
Suggested Mast None
Year 2023
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