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Aerotech Motion Complete Rig

Aerotech Motion Complete Rig

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The Motion is a state-of-the-art entry level sail. Both the 5.5 and 6.5 are short enough on the luff to rig on a 400cm mast, which allows the rig to feel light even with an epoxy mast! The sail is built of 100% x-ply for a lightweight durable product, and the bright colors give the Motion a very visible look. It is available as a sail only, or complete with a rig package. Either way, the sail comes with an over sized bag that fits the entire rig

  • *Denotes adjustable head
  • Rig includes sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, base, rig bag, and extension
  • Concept: Entry-Level
Size Luff Boom Battens Cams Mast Weight (Kg)
5.5 425* 183 4 0 400 2.6
6.5 430* 200 4 0 400 3.0
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Brand Aerotech Sails
Suggested Mast None
Year 2024
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