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Cabrinha 2020 AV8 High Performance Race Foil Kit Complete

Cabrinha 2020 AV8 High Performance Race Foil Kit Complete

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2020 Cabrinha AV8 Foil Kit - High Performance Race

The AV8 hydrofoil is a stunning work of art designed for riders looking for ultimate performance and efficiency. Made from 100% pre-preg carbon, the AV8 foil assembly is as beautiful as it is technical. It’s wing is incredibly fast yet infinitely adaptable to wind and water conditions. For a wing with no apparent limit to it’s top end speed, it’s incredibly stable and forgiving at low speeds. A warrior on the race course and an explorer on the open water. Board match: AV8 board, (Autopilot, X-Breed Foil and DA, with adaptor).

Product Code: K0FOAV8FK000STD

AV8 Foil Kit Capability:

Lift Factor
Speed Factor
Directional Stability

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Design Profile:

  • High aspect ratio
  • Lean profile
  • Continuous curve anhedral

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Component Features:

  • 100% pre-preg carbon construction
  • Pro box mounting
  • Short fuselage configuration for superior maneuverability
  • Integrated wing and fuselage for maximum stiffness

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Wing Features:

  • Lean profile for low drag and on demand acceleration
  • 100% Pre-preg carbon construction
  • High Aspect Ratio layout for ultimate performance and speed

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Tech Specs:

  • Chord: 117mm
  • Projected area: 56,916 mm²
  • Wingspan: 605mm
  • AR: 6.4
  • Volume: 443,700 mm³

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Action Video:

2020 AV8 Foil Kit Options & Sizes:

Available sizes: 105 CM MAST

Kit includes:

Titanium hardware - m6x40mm (4pcs), 4mm allen key (1 pcs).

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