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Cabrinha Fusion H-Series High-Aspect Front Wing, H650-H1200

Cabrinha Fusion H-Series High-Aspect Front Wing, H650-H1200

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The H-SERIES High Aspect foil range is the latest offering from Cabrinha’s state of the art foil design program in collaboration with Keahi De Aboitiz.

The H-series wings represent the pinnacle in hydrodynamic efficiency & performance while seamlessly integrates into the Cab Fusion Foil system.

The high aspect shape allows for effortless pumping, insane glide while retaining an ‘easy-to-steer’ feeling.

Whether you use them for wing, kite or foil-surfing, rise to the occasion with all of the H-series’ cutting edge features and be prepared for the endless ride…


  • Loose and agile feel for superior maneuverability
  • Ultra lean profile for wide speed range
  • Integrated fuselage with tapered fit
  • Incredible torsional stiffness
  • Full prepreg carbon construction
  • PMI core for superior strength to weight ratio
  • Moderate anhedral for a more efficient lift platform


H650: 650cm², WS 720, AR 7.9, Chord 125mm
H800: 800cm², WS 900, AR 9.9, Chord 125mm
H1000: 1000cm², WS 900, AR 8.1, Chord 155mm
H1200- 1200cm², WS 900, AR 6.7, Chord 185mm

Set includes:

Front wing, wing covers.

How to choose between the X-series and H-series Foils?

Both the X-Series and H-Series foils from Cabrinha are excellent choices for hydrofoiling, but they cater to slightly different riding styles and skill levels. Here's a breakdown of their key differences:


  • Focus: Maneuverability, versatility, and stability. Ideal for beginner to intermediate riders, freeriding, carving, and playful surfing.
  • Design:
    • Moderate aspect ratio wing for a balance of lift and agility.
    • Refined wingtip profile for smooth turning and control.
    • All-around lean profile for good low-end lift and extended speed range.


  • Focus: High-speed maneuverability and performance. Geared towards intermediate and advanced riders seeking efficient gliding and carving, as well as aggressive turns and tricks.
  • Design:
    • High aspect ratio wing for maximum lift and glide at high speeds.
    • Swept outline and ultra-lean profile for reduced drag and increased efficiency.
    • Flared wingtips for enhanced stability and precision at high speeds.

The simple rule of thumb is to match your skill level. If you are only starting to foil, choose the X-series, if you are an experienced rider, choose the H-series. However, there are other factors that come into play. Check the table below for a comprehensive breakdown:




Skill Level




Maneuverability, Versatility, Stability

High-Speed Maneuverability, Performance

Wing Design

Moderate Aspect Ratio

High Aspect Ratio


All-Around Lean

Swept, Ultra-Lean





Easy to learn, forgiving, playful

Efficient, fast, stable at high speeds


Not as fast as H-Series

Less forgiving than X-Series

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