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2021 Cabrinha Spade Pro Crossover Kitesurf Board

2021 Cabrinha Spade Pro Crossover Kitesurf Board

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2021 Cabrinha Spade PRO Crossover Surf Board

The 00:00 Collection Cabrinha Spade directional kiteboard features an all new design, new construction and new features. First, the step rail, traditional for previous years releases, has been eliminated to promote more durability. The signature shape of the Cabrinha Spade surfboard starts with a slightly wider and curvier outline that lends itself to tight turns in the pocket of any sized wave. The wide outline also makes this board incredibly lively under your feet allowing you to generate speed even in onshore surf. For the 2021 release, the width of the Spade was slightly narrowed to give its rail more contact with the water. Loading up the rail on a bottom turn or right before an air trick is now much easier. Another innovation for the 2021 season is a bottom channel running through the tail of the board for increased lift and speed. The five fin configuration also new for this season allows to use it as a thruster or quad setup promoting rail to rail, and a top to bottom surfing. The Spade surfboard gives a generous amount of pop making your aerial maneuvers look pro.

To match the versatility of the Spade it is now offered in an all new Pro Construction for a lighter, more responsive board. The Pro Construction starts with a light weight EPS core. Then the deck is reinforced with a high density honeycomb sandwich layer. Strategic UD carbon strips are added to control flex and add reinforcement.

The Spade is an all round surfboard that is equally comfortable on any sized wave or with any air freestyle maneuver.

Sizes: 5’3” x 18.5” x 2” x 21L / 5’7” x 19” x 2.2” x 24.9 L

Product Code: K1SBSPADP

Design Profile:

A moderately wide and curvy outline with a quad or thruster fin setup and reduced weight for optimal performance.

It’s great having the option to switch between a quad and thruster on the new Spade.

Keahi de Aboitiz 4x Kitesurfing World Champion

Rider Profile:

Designed for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery, the Spade is Cabrinha's ultra-versatile performance surfboard.

Spade Capabilities:

Onshore Waves
Sideshore Wave
Large Surf
Small Surf
Surf Freestyle

2021 Cabrinha Spade Features:

  • Optimized Reduced Width: A narrower outline provides a quicker edge-to-edge response, more rail contact with the water, increased grip during bottom turns and better loading for air tricks.
  • Tall Channels: Improved grip and turning.
  • Channel Bottom: Increased lift and speed.
  • No Step Rail: Refined rails provide improved durability.
  • Fin Boxes & Fins: Future inspired boxes. More positive. More secure.
  • 5-Fin Configuration: Easy switch from a quad or thruster setup.
  • Pro Construction: Durable lightweight construction with carbon stringer for refined flex pattern and honeycomb reinforcements
  • Great for aerial maneuvers
  • Promotes top to bottom surfing
  • Turns tight in the pocket
  • Wide and curvy outline
  • Incredibly lively under your feet

Included with the board:

  • Rear deck pad
  • NOTE: FRTM hybrid bamboo/soric fins, front pad and straps are sold separately.

Spade Pro Construction

An exciting new addition to the surf range this year is the Pro Construction. This unique blend of known surfboard construction, blended with the extra reinforcements through Honeycomb material as well as the unique responsive flex control of the carbon stringer, gives this construction the strength needed for high performance kitesurfing, but in a light weight package that high end riders have been asking for.

Construction Layers

From Deck to Bottom:

  1. Carbon Stringer (Top)
  2. Fiberglass
  3. Fiberglass
  4. Honeycomb
  5. Fiberglass
  6. EPS Core
  7. Fiberglass
  8. Fiberglass
  9. Carbon Stringer (Bottom)

:00 Collection Kite Surfboards Overview:

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