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Epic Gear

Epic Gear 8pc SUP EVA Traction Pad Kit

Epic Gear 8pc SUP EVA Traction Pad Kit

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This 8-piece SUP traction pad set is designed to universally fit most boards. The traction surface is grooved in diamond pattern for additional stability of the foot grip. The rear pads feature a kick tail. Securely adheres to the board with 3M back. Measures 100” x 26”. Center top section can be removed to create a six piece pad set for shorter boards, including foilboards and kteboards.

  • Designed to fit most boards
  • Overall dimensions: 100” x 26”
  • Nose: 23”
  • Middle: 26”
  • Tail: 12”
  • Eight pieces in set
  • 3M self adhesive backing
  • Kick tail
  • Diamond pattern surface
  • Available in three color options: grey, black and red/white/black
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