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Exocet RF Foil Slalom/Race Windfoil Board

Exocet RF Foil Slalom/Race Windfoil Board

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A strong start is crucial in competitive windsurfing. The RF Foil shapes incorporate several construction elements, including the foil box position, elongated tail cut-outs, and a wide overall shape, all aimed at accelerating the board to its take-off speed within a minimal distance.

Flying at high speeds requires a significant degree of control to uphold a competitive advantage on the racing course. A wide tail with efficiently positioned footstraps provides the necessary leverage over the foil when it is subjected to substantial forces. The occasional touchdowns are mitigated by the ample volume in the rails and the generous nose rocker.

  • Race Foil/Freeride
  • Carbon Biax or AST technology
Board Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Fin Box Sail Size (m²)
RF Foil V3 81 AST 168 210 81 Tuttle Box 4.0-8.5
RF Foil V3 81 Carbon 168 210 81 Tuttle Box 4.0-8.5
RF Foil V3 85 Carbon 214 210 85 Deep Tuttle (Foil Box) 4.0-9.0
RF Foil V3 91 Carbon 226 213 91 Deep Tuttle (Foil Box) 7.0-10.0
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Brand Exocet
Year 2024
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