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Exocet RS 380 V Pro Carbon Racecourse Sailing Windsurf Board

Exocet RS 380 V Pro Carbon Racecourse Sailing Windsurf Board

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Raceboard competition closely parallels traditional sail racing, involving upwind starts, strategic mark roundings, and tactics influenced by wind shifts. As a specialized board, RS V5 Carbon 380 excels across all reaches and weather conditions. As always, speed remains a paramount factor in this classic form of racing.

The RS V5 Carbon 380 stands out in the Exocet range with its extensive array of adjustable features. Whether sailors are dealing with light breezes or powerful gusts, as well as varying water conditions, having the flexibility to swiftly fine-tune and adapt your kit becomes crucial. This capability allows sailors to harness every possible advantage on the racecourse, ensuring optimal performance no matter the conditions.

  • Race/Freeride
  • Carbon Biax Technology
  • Tuttle Box + Daggerboard
Board Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Sail Size (m²) Weight (kg)
RS V5 380 311 380 65 6.5-9.5 14.7
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Brand Exocet
Year 2024
Volume ltr 311
Length ft 12'6
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