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Exocet RS Slalom Racing Windsurf Board

Exocet RS Slalom Racing Windsurf Board

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The design has undergone rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure it meets the demanding conditions faced by riders during PWA events.

The RS V5 Slalom boards are specifically engineered for advanced to expert riders and deliver exceptional speed, control, and responsiveness, allowing riders to push their limits.

With their specialized designs, RS Slalom designs are finely tuned to deliver peak performance and control in their respective wind ranges.

  • Carbon Biax technology
  • Slalom Racing
Board Volume (L) Length (cm) Width (cm) Fin Box Sail Size (m²)
RS Slalom V5 58 80 232 58 Tuttle Box 5.0-7.0
RS Slalom V5 62 95 232 62 Tuttle Box 5.7-7.0
RS Slalom V5 71 110 232 71 Deep Tuttle 6.3-7.8
RS Slalom V5 85 140 232 85 Deep Tuttle 7.8-10.0
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Brand Exocet
Year 2024
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