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Gaastra Complete Aluminum Wing Foil

Gaastra Complete Aluminum Wing Foil

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The Hybrid Foil with Double US Plate adapter offers all-round performance and the freedom to customize the foil according to your individual requirements. A smooth and extremely early take-off, control in the air and a lot of performance potential provide both novices and advanced foil riders with the right setup for their flight. You can choose between an 85cm and 72cm CNC milled aluminum fuselage for either increased ease of use or higher performance and agility. Depending on your setup the Hybrid Wing Foil Set allows you to cruise in almost non-existent winds, but also to race in extremely high-wind conditions. The 85cm aluminum mast with incredible lightness and rigidity makes the Hybrid Foil a cost-efficient foil set with enormous performance potential.

Complete Set includes: Mast, Fuselage, Front Wing, Back Wing and Adapter.

  • Incredibly light, stiff, and cost-efficient 85cm V2 aluminum mast
  • 4 hole plate adapter
  • Extremely stiff and light construction of the wings
  • Supplied with a slotted travel bag for safe storage and transport of all parts
  • Perfect mix between control, speed, and maneuverability.

Each Foil Set from the GA Foils collection can be adjusted to your demands thanks to the wide range of interchangeable spare parts. This allows you to tune your basic set for different conditions, riding styles and skill levels without having to replace the complete foil. Just change the front wing, fuselage, mast or box adapter according to your requirements and enjoy the new characteristics of your foil.

A wide range of different front wings provides riders of different skill levels and weights with exactly the right setup for various conditions. The FREE front wings in 2500cm², 2000cm², 1500cm², 1200cm² and 900cm² impress with a fine mixture of comfort, performance and lift, while the HP front wings in 1750cm², 1450cm², 1150cm² and 1050cm² aim at highest performance and speed with their higher aspect ratio.

All FREE and HP front wings are compatible both with the Hybrid and the Mach 1 Foil Set.

Three different adapters for Powerbox, Double US Plate or Deep Tuttle fin boxes are compatible with the Hybrid aluminum mast, which allows you to use the foil in different boards and foiling disciplines.

The 85cm aluminum mast of the basic Hybrid setup can be exchanged with a 65cm, a 75cm or a 95cm version, depending on your preferences and the spot you are foiling at. All Hybrid masts provide a great mix of stiffness, lightness, strength and cost-efficiency.

The CNC milled aluminum fuselage of the Hybrid provides a solid connection to the compatible aluminum masts. The 85cm version makes the first steps into wingfoiling extremely easy and offers comfort and stability.

Mast Height Fuselage Length Back Wing Adapter Weight (g)
850mm 850mm 303cm² 4 Hole Plate -
Model Area
Proj. Area
Aspect Ratio Volume
Wet surface
FREE 900 928 911 71 5.4p 1088 1889
HP 1050 1050 1050 76.4 5.6p 1138 2185
HP 1150 1150 1225 82.4 5.6p 1419 2533
FREE 1200 1201 1177 75 4.7p 1390 2401
HP 1450 1450 1521 92 5.6p 1964 3141
FREE 1500 1494 1485 84 4.7p 1937 3027
HP 1750 1750 1721 97.5 5.6p 2347 3545
FREE 2000 2024 1999 98 4.745p 3571 4126
FREE 2500 2432 2400 112 5p 4503 4952
REAR 303
298 293 44 6.5p 187 609
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Brand Gaastra
Year 2024
Mounting System 4 Hole Plate
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