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Kona One

Kona One

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Kona One is the one design class of the future. The unique design combines the qualities of the classical race boards with the features of modern short boards. This is the board to learn, to race and to master. Thanks to its long rocker line and step tail construction this is the board for all conditions. It has superior sub-planing ability upwind. And thanks to the step tail it behaves like a short board when planing making it possible to sail even upwind on the fin. Also features great wave performance and smooth jibing qualities. If you’re going to own only one board, this is it.

Kona One Windsurf Board Specifications:

Length Width Volume Fin Sail Size Weight (without package) Material Suggested Rider Weight Range
350 cm 70 cm 220 L 46cm Powerbox + 65cm Daggerboard 1.5-9.8 15,5 kg AST 50 kg – 100 kg
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