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Kona Sail

Kona Sail

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The Kona is a no-cam power slalom sail. It is your best choice for a sail de signed specifically for cruising on longboards or big freeride stuff. With its tight leech and fuller shape, this model allows the rider to be powered up on a smaller sail. The reduced luff curve allows for hassle- free rigging. With its unique design, it can be tuned for non-planing conditions with a tight leech or pretty floppy for the overpowering stuff. Nice and bright for maximum WOW-factor. The Kona is the choice for the Kona One one-design class.

The One Design sail is Kona’s most exclusive sail and the one to be used together with the Kona One board. Thanks to its great flexibility it will serve the sailor in all conditions. It can be rigged from full power in light conditions to reduced power making it enjoyable and controllable in winds of 30 knots.

It is extremely well balanced using a carbon mast. The sections of the sail taking the most pressure also have been reinforced for endurance and longtime use.

Concept: Long board race.

Construction: Monofilm and x-ply

Kona One Sail Size Chart:

Model Color Luff (cm) Recommended Boom (cm) Recommended Mast Battens Max Rider Weight (kg)
5.8 Kona Red 420-424 180-184 400 5 60
6.6 Kona Blue 450-454 200-204 430 6 65
7.4 Kona Yellow 476-480 212-216 460 6 65
7.8 Kona Blue 480-484 212-216 460 6 65-75
8.2 Kona Green 500-505 222-226 490 6 75-85
9.0 Kona Red 522-526 244-248 520 6 85+
9.8 Kona Orange 538-542 252-256 520 6 98+
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