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Progressive Phish 2D Kite Board

Progressive Phish 2D Kite Board

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Phish 2D is the best selling Progressive Boards freeride board. This kiteboard has a slightly wider body that helps it plane up early and glide through the light sections.  With a medium aggressive rocker line and 8mm concave bottom, this board runs smoothly through any waters. 

  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • Freeride – beginner/advanced
  • This a smooth freeride board designed for all conditions in mind.
  • The Phish 2D offers great stability and control across the water.
  • Features: wood core, continuous concave
  • The 2D construction is a basic flat deck no contour board. Basic pads straps and fins are offered with this model.

Construction: Made from paulownia wood core, ABS rails, stainless inserts, fin blocks, molded construction this boards is durable and affordable. 

Sizes: 147, 141, 138:

  • Phish 138 x 43 2D with pads, straps and fins
  • Phish 141 x 44 2D with pads, straps and fins
  • Phish 147 x 46 2D with pads, straps and fins

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