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Progressive Low Aspect Aluminum/Carbon 4 Hole Plate Tri-Foil

Progressive Low Aspect Aluminum/Carbon 4 Hole Plate Tri-Foil

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The 2020 Progressive Tri-Foil is an all-sport all-around foil available in three size options to accomodate a wide range of uses, terrains and rider weights. The three avaialble front wing sizes - 180, 240 and 300 sq. inches - make it one of the most versatile foils on the market that adapts equally well to wind, wake and surf foiling. The low aspect ratio creates a plenty of lift and the 60cm mast provides enough wave clearance while making it the foil of choice for shallow waters and those who are only starting to learn foiling. Optional 50cm and 90cm masts further expand the versatility of the foil.

The mast, fuselage and attachment plate are made with durable and lightweight aluminum. Both the front and the rear wing are made with carbonfiber significantly reducing the overall weight and increasing its performance capabilities. The foil is easy to assemble and comes with a bag for convenient transporation.

Features & Specifications:

  • Disciplines: Wake, wind, surf, SUP
  • Mast: 60 cm
  • Mast & fusealge construction: Aluminum
  • Front and rear wing constrution: Carbon
  • Attachment: Screw base
  • Weight: 5kg

Wing Reference Chart

Model Front wing area Front wing size Tail wing area Tail wing size
Tri Foil 300 300 sq in / 1935 sq cm 91x26cm 50 sq in 55x10cm
Tri Foil 240 240 sq in / 1548sq cm 76x30cm 46 sq in 47x8cm
Tri Foil 180 180 sq in / 1161sq cm 62x22cm 42 sq in 41x7cm
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